More Paige & Levi?…

The outpouring of love for Paige and Levi has been astonishing! I am floored by it. I ❤ you all!!

The first question is the star question. Roll out a red carpet for this bad boy. Screaming fans want to know…

Question: Will there be more of Paige and Levi?

Answer: As of right now, Paige and Levi will be out of the public’s eye. Don’t fret though! Just because they’re stepping behind the privacy curtain doesn’t mean you won’t know what is going on with them both. I have several more books planned for the Fighter Series and throughout these stories, you will have glimpses of them. 🙂

As to when book #3 of the series will be released, bear with me. Spring and Summer are extremely difficult to write during.


I’ve had many requests for this next question. I’ve been asked once before, but I’m interested in what you think.

Question: I want Levi to answer some question I have. Will you ever do a Q & A with him?

Answer: See what I mean? Interesting, huh? I’ve not had any questions directed toward Levi, only about him. But I’m going to do a trial run. If you have a question for Levi (this means you want him to answer, not me), go to my Facebook author page ( and post your question on my wall with the hashtag #AskLevi.


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