Mistaken Identity is Expanding!

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I write for you, my reader, my fans. I listen to your opinions and requests. Sooo…with that said, I have expanded Mistaken Identity to the other platforms! It’s now available on: Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and ibooks. And yes, it’s still on Amazon, just not under Kindle Unlimited. I’m venturing out. Trying new things to reach you.

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I’ll be placing the Fighter Series on each as well, but they will come at a different time. I will keep you updated as to when.



Ut Oh…Mistaken Perception Announcement

For everyone who doesn’t follow me on Facebook, you might have missed an announcement that I made a few months ago.

I have done some MAJOR thinking and I have taken Mistaken Perception OFF the stove. It will NOT be released in the Spring, or for that matter, it may not be released this year at all. Please do not be upset. Just place your trust within me. It was a hard decision to stop writing Mistaken Perception. First because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I didn’t like it and after getting it back from my beta readers, they confirmed that I can’t write something I don’t like.I feel wholeheartedly that Mistaken Perception will be released when it’s supposed to. It will let me know.

Don’t you worry though, I have a sexy man by the name of Levi who I can’t wait to introduce you to…later this year. Levi spoke up and started pounding at the door and he was all I could hear. I am busy getting his story on paper. He’s impatient! Did I mention sexy? Hehe!

Thank you readers for everything you do! You all make my days brighter.


Blurb Time!

After posting the title to the sequel this morning and seeing people share it, well…it got me thinking. What’s a title without some information? It’s like looking at the cover of a book but not turning it over to see what it’s about. It’s like looking at the cover of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series…you don’t know what it’s about if you haven’t heard or read the blurb. Most people would move on…

I had to find a way not to spoil the first book as I described the second book all while leaving the mystery in it all. So, without further ado (adieu…whichever one is suppose to fit here), I present you Mistaken Perception’s synopsis!


This book contains graphic sexually explicit content and intense violence that could be disagreeable or distressing to readers. The content is intended for mature readers only.

Just when Samantha Beckman thought her life was back on track after surviving the tragic incident, she’s faced with her worst nightmare—her judgment. It was wrong. She looked to her future with great optimism, but soon learns that her living hell had just begun. Now with her hands tied, she’s scared and unsure what to do. If she stays, she’s not safe. If she runs, she’s not promised an escape.

She discovers that the circumstances surrounding the attack had an obscure explanation—one that no one ever saw coming, including herself.

Her past comes back, and He provokes old feelings that Samantha thought she had conquered. She had thought she moved on, but again, as she looked around her living nightmare, she realized her outlook on life had been mistaken.

Not all the time are new beginnings what you expect. Samantha learns her judgment was wrong…Dead Wrong!

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Sequel Title!!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!




So…what are you’re thoughts? What do you feel the this book will be about? Don’t be shy…

How About A Sequel Tease

Eeekkk!!! So you’ve read Mistaken Identity and you’re going insane to know more about the sequel, but the damn author hasn’t revealed anything about it…you’re wait is over, sorta.

Monday (February 2nd) I’ll announce the title, so I can’t give away too much, but I do want to tease you lightly because frankly, if you know me by now, I’m a big tease. =)

  • It will be out Spring of 2015. (Squeeee!!!)
  • It’s a continuance from the first and it’s in dual POV!
  • Not all the time are new beginnings worth it.
  • He smiles pressing his forehead against mine looking me dead in the eyes with a concrete gaze. “You are the stupid one here. Not me.”


Make sure you keep a watch on my Facebook page for the title. If you’re feeling froggy, take your best guess at the the title. =)