Leveled is LIVE!

Ah, Levi. How we’ve missed your alpaholeness!

Levi reminds us why we love him so much. He’ll have you swooning in a way you’ve never swooned for Levi.

He’s not happy the spotlight was on Ryker. In true Levi ego-fueled fashion, he takes the reins back and drops us where he meets Nick. This isn’t a retelling of the stories you’ve already read. Levi wants to tell you the best side of the story—his.
You’ll still need to have read the entire series to understand all the characters in Leveled. If not, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Secret-Not-So-Secret Novella REVEALED…

For months, I’ve teased you about a secret-not-so-secret novella. Well, my teasing days are over. 🙂

You think Levi could keep his mouth shut? The man loves the spotlight too much. He’s been dying to tell you his side of certain situations and fill you in with what’s been happening.

Of course, Levi. Your way is always the right way.


Coming December 29th, 2017 *Drum roll please*

LEVELED (The Fighter Series #5.5)

I’m man enough to admit I screwed up. I’m not proud of my actions, but it is what it is.
I learned from them and now I’m more determined than ever to prove to Paige my heart is hers.
Asking her to marry me was the easiest decision.
Walking down the aisle was simple.
Holding her for the rest of my life—check.
Being a sexy, excellent husband—check.
Staying undefeated—Damn right check.
But Karma has a funny way of getting back at me
And with her sneaky fingers wrapping around my throat
She sets my ass up and I’m in some serious trouble.


Who would’ve known Levi would become my husband after all the mess?
Giving him a second chance was easy.
Becoming his wife was even easier.
But I never would’ve known life had extra plans for us.
Fighting is what Levi does the best, until he’s surprised with two different types of challenges he’s never experienced.
Sucker punched—check.
Challenge accepted—for sure.
Levi might have his flaws and faults, but I couldn’t ask for a better man to hold my hand through life.
Or maybe it’s me holding his?

Can Levi can step up and overcome the obstacles that have been thrown his way or will he be leveled?


**Cover reveal coming a later date**

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UnExpected Nominated in Romance Category Voting Starts Today!

Oh. My. AHHH!!!


UnExpected has been nominated in the Romance category in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards (#SIBA)!! I have been left speechless, left entirely floored with an appreciation I can barely express. I mean, Thank You doesn’t come close to the words I want to squeal at you. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t know any other way but just to say THANK YOU!!!!


The voting starts today!

Make sure you check out Summer Indie Book Award’s Facebook Page. They have all 28 genres you can vote from. Here is the Romance Category

Anyone can vote once a day, until midnight on September 11, 2016. You may vote in any or all genres. Each genre will allow you to make multiple choices, as long as you check-mark them all BEFORE you hit vote the first time! Since voting is limited to one visit per day, you must get ALL your choices marked before you hit the vote button.

Don’t vote for just me. Vote for ALL of your favorite authors. 

What Happens? UnExpected

UnExpected (The Fighter Series #2)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00073]

Find out what happened after Blindsided ended.

“I fought against him with every ounce of strength, scared I’d be just another night of fun for him. Then there came a time when I didn’t care any longer, and I had to know.”~~Paige

“I don’t want this anymore,” I tell him wiping my tears from my cheek.~~Paige


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More Paige & Levi?…

The outpouring of love for Paige and Levi has been astonishing! I am floored by it. I ❤ you all!!

The first question is the star question. Roll out a red carpet for this bad boy. Screaming fans want to know…

Question: Will there be more of Paige and Levi?

Answer: As of right now, Paige and Levi will be out of the public’s eye. Don’t fret though! Just because they’re stepping behind the privacy curtain doesn’t mean you won’t know what is going on with them both. I have several more books planned for the Fighter Series and throughout these stories, you will have glimpses of them. 🙂

As to when book #3 of the series will be released, bear with me. Spring and Summer are extremely difficult to write during.


I’ve had many requests for this next question. I’ve been asked once before, but I’m interested in what you think.

Question: I want Levi to answer some question I have. Will you ever do a Q & A with him?

Answer: See what I mean? Interesting, huh? I’ve not had any questions directed toward Levi, only about him. But I’m going to do a trial run. If you have a question for Levi (this means you want him to answer, not me), go to my Facebook author page (www.facebook.com/authortcmatson) and post your question on my wall with the hashtag #AskLevi.