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I get messages on a daily basis from readers and fans. Some are repeats and some are interestingly different. Heck, some are not even book related, but I totally love hearing from you. And I WANT to hear from you. This is why I’m doing this.

It’s simple! You ask me anything. I’ll answer.


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The outpouring of love for Paige and Levi has been astonishing! I am floored by it. I ❤ you all!!

The first question is the star question. Roll out a red carpet for this bad boy. Screaming fans want to know…

Question: Will there be more of Paige and Levi?

Answer: As of right now, Paige and Levi will be out of the public’s eye. Don’t fret though! Just because they’re stepping behind the privacy curtain doesn’t mean you won’t know what is going on with them both. I have several more books planned for the Fighter Series and throughout these stories, you will have glimpses of them. 🙂

As to when book #3 of the series will be released, bear with me. Spring and Summer are extremely difficult to write during.

I’ve had many requests for this next question. I’ve been asked once before, but I’m interested in what you think.

Question: I want Levi to answer some question I have. Will you ever do a Q & A with him?

Answer: See what I mean? Interesting, huh? I’ve not had any questions directed toward Levi, only about him. But I’m going to do a trial run. If you have a question for Levi (this means you want him to answer, not me), go to my Facebook author page ( and post your question on my wall with the hashtag #AskLevi.


Yippie! I got my first interview questions and the apparent theme for these are Blindsided.


This person asked to be anonymous and I am respecting her wishes.

Question: I’ve seen other authors big and small have their male protagonist do questions from their fans. Do you think Levi will ever do one? I’d love to talk to him and see his responses. I think he’d be fun.

Answer: Yes! I’ve seen that too and I’ve always loved it. I think if Levi got enough demand he would definitely start answering questions. You know he can’t stay quiet for too long. Maybe I should put an interview Levi on my website?

This question comes from Emily.

Question: OMG I loved Blindsided! What inspired you to write it and how did you nail the male point of view so well?

Answer: Thank you! I’m thrilled you loved it. Paige and Levi came to me before I was done with Mistaken Identity. And as you can imagine, Levi was a tough one to push away. He’s far too persistent. This will sound a little insane, but they approached me and told me their story. It was already there. I just had to write it. As for the male POV, well…it came natural, I guess. Levi has a strong personality and if I tried softening him down, he came back full force with something else…normally cringe-worthy. So I learned just to shut up and let him talk.

This question comes from Alisha.

Question: I enjoyed Blindsided, but found Paige to be annoying at times. Why didn’t you change her and will she get over herself in the second book?

Answer: Thanks for reading Blindsided! Ha! You think Paige annoyed you? I wanted to throat punch her at times. I’ve gotten a lot of flak about her in most of my reviews. Here’s the deal: I don’t change what my characters present me with. They are who they are. There are times where I hate them, love them, and can’t stand them at all! If I would have softened her up, then everyone would’ve complained she was weak or it was insta-love (I don’t like insta-love). So I left her the way she is: insecure, annoying, and quick to run away. I think having someone as Levi pursuing her scared her a little too much. Almost like a dream coming true right before her eyes…or maybe she felt it was a nightmare? She wants what she wants in life, she respects herself and she isn’t backing away from it. Now, if Levi were to pursue me…I woulda been all over that.

As for the second book, from what is already there, yes, she’s not as insecure. I’m not far along, so I can’t give a definite answer. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.