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Introducing a glimpse into Blindsided. Oh Levi…Swoon!


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Cover Reveal…Coming Soon!

I’m getting excited. It’s getting closer. I hope you’re just as excited as I am!



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Blindsided Update

I’m getting excited, adrenalized from the behind the scenes movement. There are several things going on:

  • My cover work has begun. (Eeeep!!!)
  • A few more tweaks and Blindsided should be in the hands of my editor by this Friday (Oct 2.) (Squeee)
  • I’m working on teasers. (OMG!)
  • I bought a lotto ticket…eh, I won’t win, but hey it’s worth a shot.
  • Finally, I’ve loaded it into Goodreads!! Don’t forget to load it to your TBR!

I’m ready for you to have Levi in your hands. To meet the sexy, conceited man who puts a buzz in your blood. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to show you my cover and give you a solid release date.

I’ll keep you updated!



A glimpse into my new WIP…ready yourself ladies.

I’ve been hounded by all you lovelies about my new WIP. All are impatiently waiting to get a glimpse, begging to know the title, peeking into my windows, and stalking my pages. I love you all and I appreciate the support you give me.

So without further ado, meet Paige and Levi.


Coming Soon

Who loves an arrogant, sexy as hell, fighter? One that makes you want to drop your panties instantly? Levi has the charm, the looks, the attitude, and not to mention the smoking ass body that poor Paige tries desperately to resist.

Paige: He’s everything I’ve never wanted—an egotistical womanizing MMA fighter. Yes, he’s easy on the eyes with a body to die for, blue eyes to fall into, and a smile that will make your heart skip beats, but I know what he’s about.

Levi: Look at me, I’m everything she wants—a sexy MMA fighter who no one can resist. What? I can’t help they all want me. I know she fantasizes about my naked body on top of hers, who doesn’t? Now if she’d just give me a chance to send her into ultimate ecstasy