Blindsided is LIVE!!

Yes, you’re reading this right…BLINDSIDED is finally LIVE!!!





He’s everything I’ve never wanted—an egotistical, womanizing MMA fighter. Yes, he’s easy on the eyes with a body to die for, blue eyes to fall into, and a smile that will make your heart skip beats. His smell is intoxicating, and he’s fun to be around. But I’m not interested in being another notch in his bedpost. I can’t lie and say I haven’t thought about what it would be like. I have. Unfortunately, I know a woman like me can’t make a man like him settle down.



Look at me. I’m everything she wants—a sexy MMA fighter who no one can resist. What? I can’t help they all want me. I know she fantasizes about my naked body on top of hers. Who doesn’t? But she has telltale signs—her glassy green eyes, her crimson red cheeks, and the sweat that glistens on her face—she wants me. I’ve never had to chase, you know, put effort into getting a girl in bed, but she is sending me on the longest treasure hunt I’ve ever experienced. Not even my smile can make her panties drop. But somehow, somewhere in the mix of chasing her, I’ve developed feelings. This cannot be happening.

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How About A Sequel Tease

Eeekkk!!! So you’ve read Mistaken Identity and you’re going insane to know more about the sequel, but the damn author hasn’t revealed anything about it…you’re wait is over, sorta.

Monday (February 2nd) I’ll announce the title, so I can’t give away too much, but I do want to tease you lightly because frankly, if you know me by now, I’m a big tease. =)

  • It will be out Spring of 2015. (Squeeee!!!)
  • It’s a continuance from the first and it’s in dual POV!
  • Not all the time are new beginnings worth it.
  • He smiles pressing his forehead against mine looking me dead in the eyes with a concrete gaze. “You are the stupid one here. Not me.”


Make sure you keep a watch on my Facebook page for the title. If you’re feeling froggy, take your best guess at the the title. =)