Sneaking Around is Fun Until You Get Caught…

I screwed up.
Well, depends on who you ask.
My best friend? I betrayed him.
His little sister? I broke her.

Ten years of secrets.
One ultimate betrayal.
His best friend’s little sister.
And the addiction to her he can’t control.

Zach is winning the hearts of many…

“I loved Zach from the first dirty comment to the last.”~author AF Crowell


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A new second chance STANDALONE.

A simple, secret affair with my brother’s best friend—that’s what it was supposed to be.

Zachary Calloway was the master of broken hearts and completely off limits.
Except his smooth talking sexy ways were irresistible, landing me in over my head.

Jade Lauder was supposed to be a secret. No one could ever know the times we shared.
Except here she stood with the biggest change in our lives.

Years of secrets will be revealed.
Years of heartache will come back to deliver a bitter sting.
Years of friendships will be demolished.
Years of lies will be exposed.

All for something we couldn’t deny.

The broken heart I never intended to give her stands between us.
With no more secrets, it’s time to persuade her to give me a second chance.

A second chance at loving her…
And this time, I’m not letting go.


Ten years of secrets
One ultimate betrayal.
Your best friend’s little sister.
And the addiction to her he can’t control.


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